The Yorkshire Post says: Northern v RMT: Only the rail strikes are on time

EVEN if the trains don't run on time, Saturday strikes on Northern's network do operate like clockwork and today's latest industrial action coincides with the RMT's intention to take industrial action every weekend between now and the end of the year.

The RMT has announced another raft of strikes on Northern's rail services.

It’s news that will be greeted with despair by travellers who want to know, with reason, why the Government isn’t brokering a resolution between both sides over the role of train guards.

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Not only is the cancellation of services every Saturday from August 25 until December 29 hitting the tourism, leisure and retail industries, as well as hindering sports fans attending events like the rugby league internationals as the total number of days of disruption reaches 43, but a survey this week revealed the extent to which strike action is undermining public confidence in all services.

From Chris Grayling, the failing Transport Secretary, to poorly-led train operators and militant unions, this is no way to run a railway.