The Yorkshire Post says: Our superb NHS. Success of trauma centres

AMID the familiar talk of a crisis in the NHS, it is the most powerful reminder of how superb a service it is that more lives are being saved than ever before.

NHS trauma centres have been singled out for praise.

The success of major trauma centres, established six years ago, in saving an additional 1,600 lives deserves to be hailed as a major step forward.

Our region is blessed to have several of these beacons of excellence, in Leeds, Sheffield and Hull and the work they do 
cannot be praised highly enough.

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This has been NHS reform – often difficult – at its best, producing improvements and saving lives that might otherwise have been lost.

NHS trauma centres have been singled out for praise.

It bodes well for future reforms by demonstrating that change can bring benefits.

How comforting it is for people across Yorkshire to know that if the worst should happen, there are world-class hospitals, 
that are staffed by skilled and compassionate 
people, which are there to help.