The Yorkshire Post says: Paying the price '“ parking dilemma for hospitals

THE promise by Labour to abolish hospital parking charges is, at face value, an enticing one after four in 10 NHS trusts increased prices in the past year. This includes Airedale NHS Foundation Trust where a stay of four to 24 hours has risen from £3.50 to £8, according to a new report.

Should hospital parking charges be abolished?

However the more practical and pragmatic hospitals do, in fact, offer concessions for patients with long-term conditions which require regular treatment. And while parking fees are a source of irritation, they do, in fact enable NHS trusts to enforce parking restrictions. If charges were to be scrapped altogether, it could create a free-for-all and less spaces for patients and staff. What would Labour do then?

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For this reason, a careful balance should be struck and the onus should be on local NHS bosses to justify any increases in fees, explain how revenue is spent – and do more to support those families who suffer genuine hardship as a result of these charges.