The Yorkshire Post says: Pointless PMQs and a lack of leadership

THERESA May and Jeremy Corbyn's exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions did neither politician any favours prior to disagreements over Parliamentary procedure ahead of the resumption of the debate on the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Theresa May, pictured responding to Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions.

Both simply criticised 
the Brexit stance taken by the other rather than showing the level of leadership that this country demands if Britain is to depart the European Union on March 29 in an orderly manner.

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Not only will the latest Parliamentary pointscoring do nothing to lessen the tensions at Westminster that have seen MPs, and members of the media, abused by various agitators, but it has the potential to leave just two options open to Britain if Mrs May’s deal is voted down next Tuesday.

Either there is a no-deal Brexit, the one outcome actually opposed by a majority of MPs, or the Government will have to follow the advice of Tory grandee Ken Clarke and ask for Article 50 to be extended so Parliament has more time to try to reach a consensus of sorts.

And, frankly, neither scenario is likely to appease the vast majority of voters who, regardless of their stance on Brexit, expect their leaders to show the statesmanship that this impasse demands.

As Nicky Morgan, the former Education Secretary, observed so presciently: “Britain is renowned for its confidence and competence. Currently, we are demonstrating neither.”