The Yorkshire Post says: The power of drones '“ are they a ready-made solution in Leeds?

It may sound more like something out of a science-fiction novel than reality, but drones and robots preventing potholes and repairing street lights in Yorkshire may just be a matter of years away.

Drones may soon be used in Leeds to prevent potholes.

Pioneering research led by the engineers at the University of Leeds has developed drones capable of fixing small cracks in road surfaces to stop them developing into potholes – potentially saving countless millions in repair costs and untold hours for motorists who at the moment get stuck in traffic jams when repairs do take place.

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Researchers on the project are aiming to make Leeds the first “self-repairing city” in the world in just 16 years’ time if their work is built upon, while such technology will be rolled out across the country by 2050. The recent chaos caused by drone sightings at Gatwick Airport underlines the need for effective regulations on the technology. But if this innovative Yorkshire project is handled correctly, it could make a global difference.