The Yorkshire Post says: Put people first. Time to tackle shoddy service

THERE will inevitably be occasions when standards of service fall short of the standards that people have a right to expect.

Consumers need to be put in the driving seat, say Citizens Advice.

Yet, while many Yorkshire businesses and shops are famed for putting their customers first, bad practice can’t be ignored, even more so as more and more transactions are conducted online.

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This is borne out by today’s Citizens Advice report which reveals that 14 million people across the country were the victims of poor service last year. And, while many complaints were resolved in a timely fashion, some had to go to court to obtain justice while others were left in debt.

Given Theresa May promised to tackle such burning injustices when she came to power in 2016, the forthcoming Consumer Green Paper is a chance
for the Government to put itself on the side of the people for once. After all, the only organisations that will have anything to fear from new legislation protecting the rights of consumers and householders are those which offer shoddy 
service in the first place.