The Yorkshire Post says: The role of schools and value of personal development

EVEN though the final outcome of Brexit is imponderable, it is important not to overlook the role of schools as part of a wider link between economic and education policy.

They do need to provide pupils of all academic abilities with a set of skills that will enable them to flourish in a global economy, and this desire for excellence has seen standards rise.

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But it is just as imperative, as Ofsted now accepts, that schools do also produce rounded individuals, with a range of interests, who will also mature into responsible citizens. For, while schools should be judged on exam results, personal development should also be taken into account.

ofsted is urging teachers to uphold behavioural standards.

This does, of course, depend on teachers having sufficient time and resources. However schools in deprived, or challenging, area should not be singled out for criticism if their pupils are, in fact, exceeding expectations because of the hard work of students and diligence of teachers.

However this will not happen without a renewed focus on classroom behaviour, and Ofsted is right to identify this issue. Not only is the application of behavioural standards integral to the success of schools, but it will help to encourage a culture of respect throughout society.