The Yorkshire Post says: Sense of isolation. Young affected by loneliness

WHEN the topic of loneliness is discussed, the typical image that comes to mind for most is an elderly person living on their own. But a major new study of 55,000 people across the world has revealed while this is undoubtedly a very real issue, it is actually young people who feel the most lonely in society.

Social media is another forum where local politics are discussed.

The BBC Loneliness Experiment found 40 per cent of 16-24 year olds reporting they often or very often feel lonely, compared to 27 per cent of over-75s. It also found that people who feel lonely often have more Facebook friends, suggesting that social media usage could be a factor in loneliness.

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While considerable strides have been made in tackling the issue since The Yorkshire Post launched its award-winning loneliness campaign more than four years ago, particularly with the appointment of a Minister for Loneliness earlier this year, it is clear the issue is still very much a sad reality of modern life for people across the generational divide.