The Yorkshire Post says: A starting point. Turbo-charging electric cars

EVEN though a Parliamentary inquiry suggests the ban on new petrol and diesel cars should be brought forward from 2040 to 2032 as part of the Government's wider agenda to combat climate change, there is a fundamental flaw in both route maps '“ a lack of charging points for a new generation of electric-powered vehicles.

Are there enough charging points for electric vehicles?

Unless Ministers retain a range of incentives to encourage the purchase and use of such vehicles, and then make sure that they’re sufficient places for electric cars to be charged, this supposed revolution on the roads will remain stuck in the slow lane and not bring about the cultural change that has been envisaged.

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A starting point would be a change of emphasis to the planning system so measures intrinsic to the future of energy and environment policy, like charging points, cycle facilities and the installation of solar panels, is considered at the outset – and not as an after-thought. By then, it is too late.