The Yorkshire Post says: A timely warning. The digitally-dependent pupils

IF PEOPLE do still have the time of day, they should read the perturbing report about those secondary schools across the country that are replacing analogue clocks with digital ones in GCSE exam halls.

Pupils can no longer tell the time on clocks like Big Ben.

The reason? Britain is home to a generation of young people who are so reliant on modern technology that they don’t know how to read a traditional clock face and, therefore, can’t manage their time in exams accordingly.

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It’s an alarm call that needs to be heeded. Reading a clock should be as fundamental as learning the times table – and means there are no excuses for lateness, or tardiness, if the ubiquitous mobile phone goes into meltdown.

Not only does it reflect poorly on schools, and also parents for not being sufficiently engaged with their children on such basics of numeracy, but it will perturb all those whose grasp on geography, science and wider knowledge was such that they could tell the time by the sun’s position.