The Yorkshire Post says: Tony Blair's attack on Corbyn unlikely to make a difference

Tony Blair's latest criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party following the anti-semitism row which has engulfed the party in recent months is likely to have the opposite effect to that which the former Prime Minister intends.

Tony Blair is unhappy with the direction of the Labour party.
Tony Blair is unhappy with the direction of the Labour party.

Fact is, Mr Blair’s claims that the Labour party may be ‘lost’ and questioning whether it can be ‘taken back’ by moderates, will have many Corbynites rubbing their hands together with glee.

While he may have won three elections on a centre-left platform, Mr Blair is now most associated in the public mind with the ill-fated decision to lead the nation into the Iraq war. For supporters of Mr Corbyn and his socialist policies, Mr Blair’s assertion that Labour is now a ‘different party’ lands not as the criticism he intends it to be but as a compliment to Mr Corbyn.

Sadly, the fact that public trust in Mr Blair’s pronouncements is low does not mean voters are in any way convinced by Mr Corbyn, either.

Despite the Conservative party’s ongoing travails and infighting over Brexit, polling consistently shows Mr Corbyn third behind Theresa May and ‘Don’t Know’ when the public are asked who would make the best Prime Minister.

Despite the country’s two main parties consumed by internal battles, the Liberal Democrats’ consistently poor polling and new offer of free membership to vote in their next leadership election highlights their own existential crisis.

It is clear that much of the electorate is searching for a political party they believe will intelligently and faithfully represent them - but little sign that those wishes will be granted any time soon.