The Yorkshire Post says: Un-smart meters '“ time to switch policy approach

NOT only is the rolling out of so-called smart meters costing more money than anticipated, and taking longer than envisaged, but it is also meeting unexpected opposition from consumers.

The rolling out of smart meters is causing consternation.

As such, today’s critical National Audit Office report will come as no surprise to all those readers who have written to this newspaper in recent months to express their misgivings.

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Until these meters live up to their name, and enable householders to change tariffs – or suppliers – at the switch of a button, people will continue to be sceptical about a policy which has already seen a lot of time, money and energy wasted, not least because new devices are invariably required when householders do follow the Government’s advice and try to shop around for the best deal.

As such, it’s about time that the public interest was put before the commercial interests of the energy industry – and it’s still not too late for Ministers to make this particular policy switch.