The Yorkshire Post says: Windrush victims '“ Amber Rudd is not one

ALTHOUGH an official inquiry suggests Amber Rudd was failed by her officials when she was forced to resign over the Windrush scandal, it would be remiss to portray the former Home Secretary as a victim here.

Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary over the Windrush scandal.

She’s not. The real victims are also those legitimate immigrants to Britain who were then wrongly forced to leave the country as part of a Government crackdown that was cruel and callous.

Months after Ms Rudd left office, many are still trying to piece their lives back together as they struggle with Home Office officialdom in order to return to Britain, a country that they thought they could call home.

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Now it has emerged that senior ministers like Ms Rudd have been let down by a heartless culture of bureaucratic incompetence and ineptitude that the inquiry downplayed as “crossed wires” in the row over removal targets, perhaps the Government will finally be stirred into action and realise that the public – the people on the receiving end of services – deserve better than this.

What chance do they have when the then Home Secretary appeared so unsure of her department’s approach and when she claims that she was the subject of a series of leaks by senior officials – presumably civil servants tasked with implemented policy – that Ms Rudd says were “definitely intended” to embarrass her?

Yet, while some say that this report paves the way for Ms Rudd to return to the Cabinet if Theresa May so chooses, it would be unwise if her career prospects took precedence over those who lost their jobs, and so much more, because of her mismanagement of Home Office immigration policy.