Yorkshire Tory wrongly described as 'openly gay' after mistaken application to LGBT+ fund

A Tory group which supports LGBT+ candidates has apologised for describing a Yorkshire MP as "out" after an application was made in his name to a Conservative fund.

Imran Ahmad-Khan was elected as the MP for Wakefield last week, and reports subsequently appeared in national newspapers claiming he was the first openly gay Muslim MP.

But Mr Khan has now said it was wrong to say he was openly gay.

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In a tweet where he shared a statement from LGBT+ Conservatives, he said: "I have seen recent inaccurate press reports saying I am openly gay."

Imran Ahmad-Khan (centre), with opponents in Wakefield. Photo: JPI Media

The statement from the group went on to say: "As a candidate, an application was made in [Mr Ahmad-Khan's] name to the LGBT+ Conservatives Candidates’ Fund, which supports ‘out’ LGBT+ candidates standing for election.

"Imran has informed us that the application was made in error, and that we are incorrect to describe him as an ‘out’ LGBT candidate. Imran fully endorses our aims of ensuring equal treatment and the elimination of discrimination against anyone on the grounds of their race, religion, sex, or orientation, but is not an out LGBT MP.

"This description was picked up by various media sources and we are happy to correct the record. We apologise unreservedly for the incorrect reference to him as such."

Mr Ahmad-Khan took the formerly Labour seat of Wakefield from Mary Creagh in last week's election.