YP Letters: Admiration and thanks to care staff in Leeds

From: Tony and Janet Hodgson, Lincoln.

The compassion of care staff in Leeds has been praised.
The compassion of care staff in Leeds has been praised.

I AM writing to express our admiration and thanks for the help we are currently receiving from the health and social services teams in Leeds.

My 90-year-old sister has a number of serious health issues and lives alone in her own house, where she naturally wishes to remain.

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One of our problems is that, though I am from Leeds, my wife and I live in Lincoln.

The logistical and communications challenges of living 70-plus miles down the three motorways are quite an issue for us, being well into our 70s ourselves.

My sister is in and out of hospital these days, usually fall-related, and we are in effect trying to do crisis-management at long range.

We cannot praise highly enough the various NHS and related services of Leeds, our own gateway into this help is usually the Crossgates and District Good Neighbours’ Scheme, a wonderful group who can usually direct us to the other agencies such as Leeds social Services and so on.

All these departments and agencies are, obviously, subjected to severe and ongoing cuts but their prompt action – usually same day – and their professional, caring, humane attitude are beyond praise.