YP Letters: Admission over medicine shows danger of no-deal Brexit '“ and how Yorkshire is being ignored

From: Dr Richard Vautrey, Leeds GP and chair of BMA GP committee.

What will be the impact of Brexit on the NHS?

THE admission from the Government that medicine supply chains could be disrupted for up to six months shows that it is starting to take seriously the consistent warnings from the BMA and others over the risk a no-deal poses to healthcare in Britain.

While measures to anticipate the risks and minimise impact on patients and their access to medicines must be put in place, Ministers are cutting it extremely fine with just over 100 days to go.

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The difference between six weeks of disruption and six months of chaos on the borders is clearly huge and the scale of action now required to ensure the safety of patients is eminently much bigger.

Brexit continues to polarise opinion.

That these plans are still only in the development stage with four months to go is extremely concerning and the lack of detail in these proposals will offer little in the way of reassurance to doctors and patients alike.

The BMA has been clear how catastrophic Brexit could be for patients, the NHS workforce and the health of Britain and Europe, which is why it is imperative that the public is given a final say.

From: Stewart Arnold, Leader, Yorkshire Party.

ALEC Shelbrooke MP is wrong – the proposed Brexit deal would have done nothing for Yorkshire (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) before it was put on hold. In fact, it didn’t acknowledge the core issues at all.

If, as I believe, the Brexit vote in Yorkshire was a cry for help from people after periods of deindustrialisation, recession, austerity and massive under-investment in the region’s schools and infrastructure, then these issues which led so many in Yorkshire to vote to leave have not been addressed. Yorkshire has been totally excluded in the discussions leading up to the publication of the Government’s deal which is why we ended up with a disastrous deal that would have left the people of Yorkshire worse off if it had been approved.

From: Judy Goodwin, Altofts.

I FEEL politicians are deliberately making a dog’s dinner of Brexit as 98 per cent don’t want us to leave and they think they can destroy the will of the people by making it impossible.

They have just sat on their hands for 45 years nodding through every law and dictact sent their way from the EU, even when it had a negative effect on the UK.

They are running scared, they have been found out.