YP Letters: Advice to the young as they inherit UK old have created

From: Sharon Fraser, Leeds.

David Cameron resigned after losing the EU referendum.

MY husband, a local Leeds businessman, wrote this to our four sons on Friday:

“To all my sons ... I know what you are all thinking this morning.

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“Irrespective of the result, you have to accept it and also respect the voting decision that everyone has made, even if it did not match your own view ... finger pointing never got anyone anywhere

“In order to give you some comfort we, as a family, have survived three recessions purely down to the determination and hard work of me and your mother to ensure all four of you had the best opportunities in life that we could give you.

“All of you have already achieved great things and we are both very proud of you .

“So don’t be dismayed, have faith in your own ability to continue to progress in the future. As long as you are determined , focussed and work hard you will not fail. Politicians will continue to screw things up, global corporations will always find a loophole to maintain their dominance, keep your dignity in place and always look after your friends and your family as they, not money or material objects, are the greatest assets you will ever own.”

From: Robin Smith, Gateland Drive, Shadwell, Leeds.

THE warnings of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, have proved accurate. As they contemplate the damage their votes have caused, I wonder how many of the 52 per cent who voted “Out” have already changed their minds. I wonder, too, how many “Out” voters of my generation (I am in my 70s), before casting their votes, considered that the economic damage caused by an “Out” vote would only compound the dreadful national debt burden we have left to younger generations.

I have already apologised to my children and grandchildren.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

THANK goodness the UK have made the right decision in the EU referendum. The success of the Leave campaign has been largely due to the North. Now will the plebs in London and the South-East realise that we, and not they, are the heart of Britain?

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

NOW the vote to leave the EU is over, it should be time for a reality check for the Members of Parliament, the Lords and anyone else in England and Wales who thinks they are untouchable. It is time to drop the arrogance and listen.