YP Letters: American terms are a red signal

From: Les Goodens, Colwall Avenue, Hull.

The new entrance to Leeds Railway Station - or is it a train station?

I HAVE been away for a few days and therefore have just read the letters by your correspondents ME Wright and J Buick regarding language and terminology (The Yorkshire Post, September 14).

I strongly agree with the view taken by Mr Wright when it comes to the creeping Americanisation of our language and in particular where it is applied to railways. We do not talk about “sidewalks” or “faucets” so the terms “train station” and “train line” etc should have no place in our language.

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It follows therefore that I think that Mr Buick is wrong in his contention that it does not matter which expressions are used.

The use of these foreign expressions shows a misunderstanding of railway terminology and therefore when I come across such expressions being used in an article, I read no further, as someone who cannot even get the basic terms correct does not deserve much consideration.

Sports fans and stags

From: Michael J Robinson, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

AT the John Smith’s Stadium on Sunday, there were nearly 4,000 Huddersfield Giants supporters and around 3,000 Leeds Rhinos supporters at the rugby league match, many of whom had enjoyed pre-match drinks on a hot afternoon all together in the same pubs.

After the match, we all made our way together back out of the stadium, many discussing the match together as we went. Not a policeman anywhere to be seen from start to finish.

Compare this with York station the previous afternoon where there were numerous police officers apparently required to keep in order the hen and stag parties pouring into the city for their brand of entertainment!

BBC’s bias over Corbyn

From: Peter Asquith-Cowen, Anlaby, Near Beverley.

THE BBC has often been criticised for being too sympathetic to the Left. I think there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

All that the right-wing media has wanted to do is downgrade and besmirch Jeremy Corbyn, who is more popular than ever.

Now former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has stuck the knife in.

I contend Mr Corbyn will win Labour the leadership contest by a massive majority vote. Why? He is addressing the real concerns of millions of British people. The 99 per cent of people who are not the wealthiest; workers on low wages; the unemployed; the homeless, the dispossessed and the young.

The BBC does tend to support, and give credence to, the one per cent of wealthy entrepreneurs and the wealthy products that it has created itself, looking at their huge salaries.

Andrew Marr was rude and patronising to Jeremy Corbyn in a recent TV interview, however he (Corbyn) calmly – and with serene composure – deflected everything Marr could throw at him with the complete demeanour of a gentleman.

Cutting edge of new PM

From: Geoffrey North, Guiseley, Leeds.

I AM wondering what our new Prime Minister will be called in years to come. Margaret Thatcher became the “Iron Lady”.

Theresa May has not been in power long but she has shown signs of exceptional competence.

As we have seen with the decision about the nuclear plant at Hinckley, she considers matters carefully and won’t be rushed. But by axing several members of the former cabinet she has revealed a ruthless streak. Perhaps “Theresa, The Razor” may become more than just a soundbite!

Thoughtless Mr Osborne

From: Alan Disberry, Sheffield.

IT has been announced that George Osborne is to set up a “think-tank” for the Northern Powerhouse.

Does that mean that there has been no thinking going on for the last two years?

A different country

From: Chris Giddings, Springwood Drive, Halifax.

THE newspaper columnist 
Liz Jones seems to have moved from the cocoon of her North London habitat to the Dales without thinking of the consequences.

Why criticise the way farming is carried out just because it is not up to the picture of the cushy Countryfile image?

It seems to me that Liz Jones should return to London and leave the Dales and its daily life to those who know and understand the area.

Profiteers and NHS costs

From: Trev Bromby, Sculcoates Lane, Hull.

CHRIS Jopson, CEO of NHS Providers, says they have reached a “tipping point” and are running out of money.

Equipment suppliers should be individually vetted to ensure the best deal is obtained from light bulbs, laundry and food to medication and instruments.

Change it from the profiteers’ ‘wealth’ service and bring it back to being the ‘health’ service.

Cancel the incredibly extortionate supply, auxiliary, agency and crony staff.

Then pay regular staff their wages for full-time service with the money saved.

The same applies to all mismanaged public services.