YP Letters: Any second referendum on Brexit must simply ask '˜deal or no deal?'

From: J Hemsworth, Selby.

Prime Minister Theresa May with production manager Rob Findler during a visit to the Portmeirion factory in Stoke-on-Trent. as she tried to win 11th hour support for her Brexit deal.

THERE is some debate, mostly orchestrated by those who do not accept the democratic vote to leave the European Union (not the continent of Europe of course), that there needs to be a second referendum.

Of course there should be a second referendum. Having decided to leave the European Union, not being cowed by, and defying the ongoing plethora of lies generated by Remain’s Project Fear, the questions to be asked of, and answered by the electorate, are should we accept the May deal, or should we leave without a deal?

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Our heavily Remain-supporting Parliament and Speaker will have to get on with it or resign their positions in favour of people who will.

From: Keith Punshon, Willow Bridge Lane, Dalton, Thirsk.

MICHAEL Gove’s proposals on coal-fired and wood-burning stoves makes me think that if a Green, Remainer and Labour Government takes over, where would they stop?

For example, they could abolish bonfires on November 5, and all fireworks too. That would enable a law to be passed forbidding teaching about Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Parliament to remove the copycat idea from the electorate as Parliament stages its coup against democracy itself.

Then Animal Farm would be real. Some animals, namely the reverser politicians, are clearly more equal than others.

From: Denis Angood, Leeds.

A NO-deal scenario is what should have happened in the first place. The EU are more fearful of us leaving than we are and join the Remainers in manufacturing facts and figures to conceal, and suppress, their fears.

From: R Kimble, Leeds.

RE letters by Andrew Mercer, and others, about Chris 
Grayling, the reason why the BBC does not challenge Tory MPs’ activities is because they are biased and many of their more visible journalists are openly Tory.

From: Robert Staveley, Ripon.

ANY Tory MP who didn’t vote for Theresa May’s deal should be expelled from the party.

The EU would no doubt be delighted to welcome ‘the dissenters’ to live in one of the 27 countries in the remaining EU.

From: Granville Stockdale, Hardwick Street, Hull.

I NOTE, as everyone has, the Brexit debate(s). Is this a case of “in”, “out” and then “shake it all about”?