YP Letters: Beware the shift to second division A&E service

From: Nigel Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington.

The downgrading of A&E units continues to cause concern.

POP down to your local Accident and Emergency Department and check it is still there. If the authorities have renamed it an Emergency Department, you are in trouble.

If the signs say Major Emergency Department, 
you may be all right. You may 
still have an A&E for now.

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There were 181 A&E 
departments in England 18 months ago. This week I think you will find there are between 40 to 70 Major Emergency Departments. The other 111 are being turned into Emergency Departments.

What do they do? Whatever the men from the ministry say they do. That’s what. They are the second division of this service and the men from Whitehall are hoping we won’t notice the difference as they take service after service out of them. This is happening right across the country all over the place right now.

Having separated these 111 former A&Es into a second division of Emergency Departments, the men from the ministry can take service after service away from them salami slice after salami slice until there is nothing left but a Walk In centre.

Please help get the message out there to all your family and friends and warn England.