YP Letters: The Brexit case fails to convince over '˜undemocratic' EU

From: John M Collins, Sandhill Oval, Leeds.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (second left) is joined by former adversaries Ed Balls (right) and Sir Vince Cable (left) as they view maintenance work, in the Ryanair hangar at Stansted Airport, where the Chancellor said that 450 jobs and almost £1 billion in investment announced by Ryanair would be "at risk if we left the EU". PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday May 16, 2016. The Chancellor has accused the Leave camp in the EU referendum of indulging in conspiracy theories as he insisted there was an "overwhelming consensus" among economists and world leaders that Brexit would be bad for the UK. Mr Osborne was speaking as more than 300 business leaders signed a letter urging Britain to vote to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum, arguing that the UK's competitiveness is being undermined by its membership.

I AM not enamoured of the European Union. It is at times wasteful and its ventures into foreign policy are frequently disastrous. But the more I read the cascade of pro-Brexit letters in your columns, the more convinced I am to vote to remain in Europe.

Your Brexit correspondents say that the EU is “undemocratic” and its laws are forced on us. But what say have we on our own laws? The Centre for Policy Studies has recently published a report which points out that our laws are no longer receiving proper scrutiny in Parliament.

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Worse, nearly all the regulations which govern our daily lives have never been considered by our MPs. We elect the MEPs to represent us in the European Parliament.

Yes, they have not sufficient powers and may not use fully all the powers they have.

But if we vote for Ukip MEPs such as Nigel Farage, who draws his salary and expenses, but has a poor attendance record according to reports, rather than the Lib Dems, who gained the respect of their colleagues for their hard work on our behalf, who have we to blame but ourselves?

From: Mike Dods, Leeds.

SOME of those who would believe we would be better out of the EU have caught on to the EU’s directive to downpower kettles and toasters.

Are these Brexiteers against global warming? ComRes research has shown 87 per cent of British people support increases in energy efficiency

Those of us who do support energy efficiency are relieved to know that the rest of Europe will also have to conserve their energy use as well.

Another positive directive from Brussels and another reason to vote “Remain”.

From: Phil Hanson, Baildon, Shipley.

I FIND it no surprise that the EU dinosaur is failing in stopping the flood of migrants to Europe.

No surprise as this bunch of unelected idealists are not accountable and care not a jot for the flood of migrants their efforts are encouraging as they pick up the boats as they make the crossing!

The EU is bad news for our nation, keeping wages down for lower paid and putting massive pressure on already hard pressed social services.

The final straw this week was Bradford Council proudly claiming that Bradford had no cap in mind on the number the city would take!