YP Letters: Brexit referendum should be bound to contract law

From: His Honour James Stewart QC, Weeton, North Yorkshire.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is under fire over misleading Brexit promises.

with RESPECT to the £350m promise for the NHS, I am surprised that “Remainers” have not relied on contract law when arguing for a second referendum.

In the law of contract, a misrepresentation is an untrue or misleading statement of fact made during negotiation by one party to another which induces that other party to enter in the contract and which entitles the party seeking relief to rescind the contract, ie put the parties into the position they were in before the contract was made.

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The misrepresentation is fraudulent when the party making the misrepresentation is aware that it is false or disregards the possibility of it being false, or is reckless as to whether it is true or false.

In the run up to the referendum, Boris Johnson and others (the “Leavers”) repeatedly stated that leaving the EU would lead to the NHS receiving £350m a week. This has been shown to be false. I believe that many of those who voted ‘leave’ were induced to do so by this misrepresentation. In contract law, that would lead to rescission, ie cancellation of the contract. By analogy, it should lead to a second referendum.

Nail in coffin for sports

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

RUSSIA was prohibited from fielding athletes in any international competition because of its programme of state-sponsored drug abuse. Despite overwhelming evidence, there has never been an acknowledgment of culpability – much less any expression of regret from the country’s leaders.

As a concession to fairness, individual Russian athletes deemed to be ‘clean’ were admitted to competitions – though not as representatives of their country. And lo and behold, two of these Russian competitors failed drug tests during the Winter Olympics.

Against all reason, the International Olympic Committee announced the restoration of Russia’s status as an Olympic nation! Agree with or not, one can understand the Establishment’s reluctance to confront Russian malpractice where there are military implications – but not when it comes to sport.

The IOC is a serious competitor in the Most Spineless Organisation Of The Year Competition.

With a single blow, the International Olympic Committee has hammered yet another huge nail into the coffin of genuine sport and completely destroyed its own credibility.

Road works explained

From: David Butcher, Bence Lane, Barnsley.

BRYAN Smith (The Yorkshire Post, February 27) in his tale of two road works states “You could not make it up!” Before a local authority (LA) carries out road works, it serves notices on all the statutory undertakers (water, gas, etc) to ascertain whether they plan to carry out street works on the road in question.

Depending on the responses they receive, the LA may proceed with the works, try to co-ordinate their works with those of the Statutory Undertaker (SU) or simply delay the works. Since the road works were carried out, the likelihood is that no adverse responses were received from the various (SUs).

Road works generally entail the use of very heavy machinery and it is possible that in carrying out the works the LA contractor has inadvertently damaged a gas main. This is suggested by the fact that holes were drilled into the road to detect for leakages. I trust that Mr Smith would consider the repairing of the gas main to be the appropriate response in such circumstances.

LAs do not like to have their newly laid surfacing dug up and SUs do not like spending company money repairing their equipment unless it is essential. Unfortunately, accidents will happen, particularly when heavy equipment and relatively fragile services are involved.

Wealthy could help homeless

From: Ann Sainty, Barnoldswick.

IT was with horror that I watched the report on the 28 people sleeping rough on the streets of Leeds. Wouldn’t it be possible for 28 of the wealthiest people in Leeds to pay for a weeks accommodation for these desperate people?

That would at least see them through this extremely cold weather. There must be plenty of B&B’s with spare rooms at this time of year, what would the total cost be? Up to £5,000 at the most for just a week, I know this wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but would help through this Siberian weather, so come on you business people in Leeds, show the rest of the country some real Yorkshire generosity and humanity.

A boastful disgrace...

From: David Downs, Sandal, Wakefield.

DONALD Trump must be the worst US President in history. His insensitivity in responding to the school atrocity is beyond belief and his latest statement that he would have waded in without a firearm is a boastful disgrace. Will no-one rid us of him?

Thanks for finding purse

From: Thelma Bennett, Wath-upon-Dearne

WOULD you please print this note in your paper extending my grateful thanks to the kind (and honest) person who found my purse at Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, last Saturday and handed it to staff?

Hopefully they read The Yorkshire Post and will see this letter. There are still lots of nice people about!