YP Letters: Brexit vote a shot across Government's bows

Brexit vote a shot across Government's bows

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

As an ardent “Remainer”, I am naturally delighted with last Wednesday’s defeat for the Government’s Brexit strategy in the House of Lords (The Yorkshire Post, April 19).

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There is much wisdom in the Upper House – and rather more “bottle” than in the Commons, where a majority of MPs voted to “Remain” in 2016 but to date have not exercised the courage of their convictions.

Theresa May and her colleagues stumble ahead, still trying to deliver the narrow outcome of an advisory only referendum of nearly two years ago. In the interim the tectonic plates of public opinion have shifted – enough to give “Remain” a majority were the referendum to be re-run today.

The Lords’ vote by a majority of 123 for the UK to stay in the Customs Union is a significant shot across the Government’s bows. At this point the Prime Minister and her Cabinet should take stock, acknowledge that the game is not worth the candle, apologise to the EU 27 and rescind the Article 50 notice.