YP Letters: Brexit vote was designed to deliver Remain win '“ and failed

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

Should there be a second referendum over Brexit?
Should there be a second referendum over Brexit?

TONY Rossiter asks ‘Brexit – is it worth it?’ (The Yorkshire Post, November 22).

Your correspondent points to ‘a flawed referendum’. It was (he suggests) a hugely complex issue rendered simplistic by a ‘Yes/No choice’.

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I agree. But the decision to make it so was taken by politicians who calculated this to be the best option for obtaining a ‘Remain’ vote. They were wrong – and so now they argue as Mr Rossiter argues. But that does not invalidate the result of the referendum.

Next, Mr Rossiter attacks David Cameron’s motives for calling the referendum and his ‘ineptly negative Remain campaign’.

Again, I agree – but again, neither David Cameron’s motives nor his ineptness (which included a huge propaganda campaign at enormous cost to the public, involving the sending of a detailed booklet to every home in the UK) invalidate the result of the vote.

Finally, he complains that the ‘Leave’ campaign was misleading – impervious to the fact that precisely the same can be said of the ‘Remain’ campaign.

From: Francis Dawson, Hartwith, Harrogate.

BREXIT – we must welcome it with open arms and total enthusiasm.

We have the two most valuable commodities which the French, the Germans and the Spanish have not got – the English language which is spoken worldwide, and our independent floating Pound – and they know it. Let’s exploit these and watch our exports grow and our independence flourish, putting the ‘Great’ back into Britain.

From: Dai Woosnam, Grimsby.

THERESA May has incredibly sanctioned the first stages of us giving away Gibraltar. This is just the last straw for me. Will someone rid us of this dreadful woman? She is totally in awe of the Brussels bullies.

In my bleaker moments, I reckon that if she was PM during the fall of France in June 1940, she’d have sued for peace with Adolf Hitler. Where is our 2018 Winston Churchill?

From: Malcolm Toft, Windsor Avenue, Silsden.

THE time has come for our disaster of a Prime Minister to resign. Blind political ambition caused her to lose the Government its majority in the House of Commons. Theresa May’s surrender to the EU’s terms is the final straw.