YP Letters: Bring on second Brexit referendum '“ the Leave vote will be bigger

From: Mike Priestley, Thackley, Bradford.

Justine Greening is advocating a second referendum on Brexit.
Justine Greening is advocating a second referendum on Brexit.

BREXITEERS should surely welcome the call by former Tory minister Justine Greening (a Remainer) for a second referendum on the way forward for this country (The Yorkshire Post, July 17).

Many of us voted to leave the EU not because we dislike Europe or Europeans (though that’s the way we’ve been misrepresented), but because we hate bullies and we don’t like being pushed around. It is through bullying that the increasingly authoritarian, unelected officials of the EU run their show.

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They bullied David Cameron when he went to them, cap in hand, to seek halfheartedly a few piffling little reforms which, if they had agreed to some of them, could have persuaded some of us that the EU just might in time be willing to mend its heavy-handed ways. And post-referendum they’ve bullied Theresa May when she, wringing the cap that Cameron apparently handed over to her, has tried to “negotiate” with them over Brexit.

Who trusts the politicians to do a proper job?

It should be down to all of 
us to decide: should we go it alone with no deal, should we accept the worst-of-all-worlds deal that the EU will allow us to have, or should we revert to the status quo that existed before we dared to make a dash for freedom?

Given the way Brussels have behaved over the last two years, I’ll bet the vote for a no-strings Brexit would be bigger than ever.

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

IF any politician, such as former Education Secretary Justine Greening, feels tempted to again utter the words “second referendum”, they should immediately be despatched to see Brenda from Bristol for a political reality check.

It was she who, on hearing that a snap election had been called in 2017, summed up the nation’s mood when she said “Not another one! There’s too much politics going on”.

It’s a fair bet that the offending politician would emerge suitably chastened and contrite and, after a period of recovery, should be ready to resume normal political discourse.

From: R Hartley, Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

JOHN Turley (The Yorkshire Post, July 17) clearly believes that he is superior to those poor souls who voted to leave the EU. Why, then, can he not comprehend that Leave meant cutting ties with the un-democratic autocracy?