YP Letters: Britain not the only country that made sacrifices in war

From: Chris Jezewski, Stroud.

Theresa May meets Donald Tusk outside 10 Downing Street.

I MUST correct Dai Woosnam’s understanding of the history (Donald Tusk should heed Britain’s war sacrifice over Brexit’, The Yorkshire Post, September 25).Britain did indeed declare war on Germany after the latter invaded Poland. However, it is factually incorrect to write that Britain stood alone against the German Nazi aggressors.

That declaration of war did not result in any immediate actions against Germany. It was Poland that was left alone and was first to fight the German invaders and then that other murderous totalitarian regime, the Soviet Union, invaded Poland approximately two weeks later. Many years passed and millions of Polish lives were lost before any British troops stepped into Poland.

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The Poles provided the key to breaking the Enigma codes to the Allies. During the Battle of Britain it was the Polish RAF squadrons who were “The Few”.

As Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding said: “Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle would have been the same.”

The President of the European Council is elected by the European Council (leaders of the EU countries) by a qualified majority. Ironically, Tusk took the EU job before he was voted out of the Polish PM’s office.

Many Poles consider him and the EU as being anti-Polish. His former party languishes in the polls devoid of any ideas apart from “total opposition”.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

YET again, Brian Sheridan hits the nail on the head (The Yorkshire Post, September 29). He’s probably wasting his words; if so, please allow me to waste mine in his support.

I once tried to explain the archaic, imperialist mindset of some of my generation to a French colleague. He laughed and in his impeccable English said: “You mean the ‘we won the war-ists’ who were too young to be in it? . Don’t worry, it’s one of the things we love about you Brits.” I thanked him and exchanged my embarrassment for his love. I’m pleased to say that we’re still in touch.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE main problem I have with the disagreements over our departure from the EU is which side to believe. Personally, at 86, I could not care less what happens, it can’t be worse than it is now.