YP Letters: Brussels to blame if marginal voters have turned Remain

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

Arguments continue over Brexit.
Arguments continue over Brexit.

JOHN Cole (The Yorkshire Post, November 8) now enlists the suffragettes in his anti-Brexit obsession, once again demonstrating his talent for scraping the barrel of reasons to stay in this degenerate institution. Some time ago, in correspondence with this newspaper, he threatened to self-immolate by burning himself in the traditional Buddhist manner. It was in order to “highlight” his antagonism to Brexit but he quickly withdrew from this commitment. This is self-evident as Bonfire Day has passed and he’s still writing his appeals.

This failed latter-day Guy Fawkes now states that opposition to Brexit is growing by the day as more and more young people become eligible to vote (89 per cent for Remain). I prophesy that it will rise to 99 per cent if more active toddlers get in vocal range of John Cole.

He seems not to understand that the obdurate strategy of the EU negotiators has caused so much mayhem that people have become fed up with the whole business, pushing many marginal voters into the Remain camp.

If we were to adopt John Cole’s “election by current opinion poll policy”, few governments would last beyond their honeymoon period of less than a maximum of 18 months.

From: Howard Rainbow, Stanley, Wakefield.

JOHN Cole really has spit the dummy out. It was a democratic vote – end of story! And then to suggest two million children have come of age to vote, two years after the event, is beyond belief!

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

IN his letter (The Yorkshire Post, November 9), John Turley asked me directly why “Brexiteers” appear to reject the Chequers proposal.

So far as I understand it, my “fellow Brexiteers” hold the view that the proposal will not secure independence of action from the EU. And without that, in what real sense would we have left it? Mr Turley’s opening assertion that “Brexiteers do not respect the referendum result” is arrant nonsense.

From: JA King, Thurgoland.

WELL done Sir James Dyson with his knowledge and common sense for having taken on the unelected bureaucrats in Europe and won, but it has taken a long time for them to accept the facts with regards to the efficiency ratings of vacuum cleaners. They should have asked an expert in the first place.