YP Letters: Bumbling Boris Johnson is no help to Brexit case

From: Martin Crowson, Market Place, Leyburn.

Boris Johnson's antics over the EU referendum have been criticised.

THE UK is more prosperous today than at any time in the last 50 years. We are part of the most successful free trading area in the world and millions of British jobs depend upon it.

With the benefit of a 28-state community, we have the political and economic clout to do business with superpowers old and new. This elite club reinforces our national security at a time of fearful global turmoil.

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It even supports the very union dearest to most of our hearts, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Enter Mr Bumble – Boris Johnson – with cold calculation and naked ambition prepared to wager all this on a winner-takes-all Brexit gamble. His prize, the one he is prepared to risk all our futures on, the leadership of the Conservative Party (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, February 23).

Over half a century the UK has grown rich and forgetful. Politicians of every hue recognised in the 60s and 70s that the game was up for a washed up post-imperial state. They turned to Europe for salvation and over five decades we have grown richer and stronger, but also complacent and neglectful of history.

The ‘little England’ vision of a lone sovereign state battling giants is no less delusional now than it was during the time of Health and Wilson. While there is much that is wrong with the EU, the big picture is that of jobs, economic prosperity, national security and political stability.

We must remain in and not allow Mr Bumble to turn back the clock to a time when we were down and out.

From: Ian Smith, Bradford.

MANY will agree with Tom Richmond’s thoughts about Boris Johnson, but he’s only milking the media. And he’s obviously good at it. In politics, good news and bad news are synonymous – keeps their names in lights; and they have very thick skins, more so the rich ones.

From: Robert Beaumont, Minskip, York.

SUPERB article on Boris and the EU by Tom Richmond. Best I’ve read on the subject by some distance. His opportunism is disgraceful.

From: Matthew Ambler, Bankwell Road, Huddersfield.

SO those of us making the case to remain in the EU now know that Boris Johnson is against us (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, February 23).

Whose sovereignty is he fighting for? The Russian oligarchs and wealthy Arabs who have been allowed to “buy” London on his watch? Or the celebrities whose ranks he seems to crave to join?

Agreeing a common approach which works for the majority while respecting and protecting the minority, as the institutions of the EU do, is surely the more mature approach.

Is the sovereignty of Messrs Farage, Galloway and Johnson really for the people? Or just those with money or fame?

From: Raymond Shaw, Elland.

STRANGER than fiction – Boris Johnson for Prime Minister, Donald Trump for President?

From: Ian Tomlinson, Garforth, Leeds.

THE buffoon Boris Johnson has absolutely no chance of leading the Out campaign. He is considered elitist (one of the Eton Mess) scruffy and gauche. His fellow Tory toffs may tolerate his eccentricity, but he would be a laughing stock internationally.

From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley.

“IF you want real change, vote to leave the EU,” says Boris Johnson. I will not vote in this referendum. Little will change either way.

If you want real change, stop voting for idiots and highly educated public school morons who know everything and understand nothing. Vote for someone who demands full nationalisation of our banking system and our money supply.

All of us are debt slaves.

From: Jeffrey Stirke, Newton le Willows, Bedale.

IT is not about Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister; it is about what the British people feel is good for them.

From: Ian Oglesby, High Catton Road, Stamford Bridge, York.

THE CBI’s Lucy Thorneycroft (The Yorkshire Post, February 18) makes the economic argument for the UK remaining in the EU, but there are equally strong arguments for breaking economic ties.

Europhiles assume that the EU is going to last but the insoluble problems of the common currency and the failing EU economy throw doubt upon its longevity.

The unelected in Brussels are determined to form a superstate with open borders, a common army and an all-powerful EU police force. The only safe option is to get out while we have the chance.

From: Howard Rainbow, Stanley, Wakefield.

WE are all in this together, except for the occasions when it does not suit David Cameron (The Yorkshire Post, February 24) and the Whitehall blackout on help for Brexit. What a disgraceful way to treat the people who voted Conservative at the last election. It looks like ‘Dave’ is running scared.

From: Karl Wirth, East Yorkshire.

WHY all the worry about leaving the EU? I went to our local supermarket and down the first aisle were 11 items from non EU countries. That was just fruit and veg.