YP Letters: Call bullies' bluff and plan for a '˜no deal' exit from the EU

From: John Parker, Station Road, Baildon, Shipley.

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?

AS Theresa May strolls among the fells this holiday, she will surely come to the conclusion that her task is ‘mission impossible’.

Matching the European Union’s uncompromising bullying tactics with the hardline Brexiteers in the Tory party is not going to happen.

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Soon, she should tell the European Union that she has finished trying to bend to their whims, and make plans for a ‘no deal’ exit with no further payments to their bloated coffers.

The countries who sell their goods to us are going to come hurrying to London to arrange terms for future trading with us. The future will suddenly look much brighter.

From: R Hemingway, Meanwood, Leeds.

TWO years on and the Brexit process is a complete mess thanks to the blundering Theresa May.

Dominic Raab, the new Brexit Secretary) has been sidelined after a matter of days after rattling a few nerves at the EU, and Mrs May has perhaps realised that having a ‘Leaver’ negotiating with the EU isn’t such a good idea.

Taking over the negotiations now gives her carte blanche to submit the White Paper to the EU. Inevitably they will ask for more. Hopefully, Parliament will reject the outcome of any deal which will, without doubt, favour the EU.

The next election can’t come quick enough – let’s get rid of this clueless and incompetent PM.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

BARONESS Ros Altman adds another number of policy areas that can be blamed on Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, July 31). When are we going to grasp the idea that the UK has everything to look forward to, instead of ‘what can we frighten you with next’?

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

JUST as Clement Attlee presided over domestic policy in Winston Churchill’s war cabinet, Theresa May should take your paper’s advice (The Yorkshire Post, July 27) and let her deputy, David Lidington, do likewise, so she can focus on Brexit.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

DOES anyone know what Labour’s Brexit policy is? I’m none the wiser. All I do know is that there are MPs rebelling against Jeremy Corbyn and they appear just as split as the Tories.