YP Letters: Can Theresa May really deliver on being all things to all voters when former premiers are up against her?

From: Nigel J Starbuck, Carnarvon Close, Bingham, Nottingham.

Should Theresa May's predecessors speak out over Brexit?

JUDGING by the latest by-election results, clearly the Prime Minister cannot fail; she walks upon the water metaphorically speaking.

According to Theresa May, her government is committed to taking the UK out of the EU, rendering Ukip redundant.

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Mrs May pledges to drastically reduce the cavernous gap between the rich and poor, turning the Conservatives into the party for the working classes, making the Labour Party and its socialist philosophy superfluous to requirements.

Even more astonishing, according to a government spokesperson, their Brexit strategy has been designed to satisfy many varying political factions and unite the country.

Such astuteness would also make the Liberal Democrats yesterday’s news.

If they are successful, and the electorate endorses this Conservative message, then all voters can live happily ever after.

What can possibly go wrong? Maybe, Mrs May’s promises fail to come to fruition, and the utopian ambition starts collapsing in a political quagmire.

From: Charles Jones, Huddersfield.

THE renewed pro-EU rhetoric from our former prime minister in his dotage is rather sad. Someone should remind Sir John Major his view was rejected last June 23 and, as a senior statesman, it is his duty to pursue the most successful outcome for Brexit that can possibly be achieved. By him, by Conservatives, by Labour, the SNP, by all of us.

It is inexplicable that a man of John Major’s stature appears unable to grasp his duty at this time which is to support the British people 100 per cent and strongly work with Theresa May to extract the absolute best deal for the British people. His speech was too reminiscent of bitterness from past political skirmishes.

As a former prime minister, Sir John needs to have the statesmanship to put his shoulder to the wheel and show his detractors that it is the good of Britain he is working for, not a mere partisan enthusiasm for the demonstrably failed EU adventure.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

SO John Major, Spitting Image’s iconic Grey Man, has joined Tony Blair in trying to obstruct our departure from Europe? Keep it up chaps, you are pushing the British people ever more firmly into the hard Brexit camp.