YP Letters: Can't we take responsibility for our wellbeing?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

Who is to blame for the breast screening scandal?

NO doubt another ‘blame the Government game’ will start all over again with the computer glitch that has occurred in the breast screening recall system (Sarah Todd, The Yorkshire Post, May 4).

Surely women could look out for themselves? I realised I hadn’t been sent for so I rang up to make myself an appointment.

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It really is getting to the stage that we expect the Government to make sure we don’t smoke, overeat, cough or lose weight with out them telling us what to do.

Yet we complain we are being turned into a nanny state.

It’s about time we took personal responsibility for our own wellbeing.

From: Ann Dixon, Guiseley.

WHO allowed so many women to go so long without screening checks – and who is going to resign? This is nothing short of scandalous and the NHS executives responsible should be fired.

This is their job. What are the senior managers at NHS England in Leeds doing? Many are paid more than the Prime Minister. Shame on them.