YP Letters: Celebrities like Gary Lineker should leave politics and Brexit to those in the real world

From: Derrick Bond, Shadwell, Leeds.

To what extent do TV presenter Gary Lineker's views matter when it coems to Brexit?

IF pseudo-intellectual celebrities such as Gary Lineker love the EU so much, they should move to Brussels. Perhaps they should become EU politicians?

The reasons why many people voted to leave the EU don’t directly affect mega-rich celebrities. If they get fed up with Britain, they can escape to their other homes abroad.

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They also have interests outside Britain, which is the real reason why the wealthy are so worried by Brexit, not the socialist garbage they keep spouting about immigrants and refugees.

Celebrities should shut up and leave British politics to those who live in the real world, and who have to suffer the consequences of every government policy every day.

From: Linda Lawson, Brandesburton.

I HAD to write to relieve my blood pressure. Who exactly does Tony Blair think he is? A pity we could not have had another vote when he was elected.

If so, it would have saved tens of thousands of displaced people as well as hundreds of dead and badly disabled troops due to him taking this country into war.

He needs to keep his head down or there may be a referendum to see if he, and George W Bush, should attend The Hague to stand trial for war crimes.

From: MP Laycock, Harrogate.

RICHARD Hassall (The Yorkshire Post, December 15) challenges our 2016 people’s referendum because “the Leave campaign broke electoral law in the 2016 referendum campaign and have received heavy fines”.

That was a campaign in which Remainers outspent Leavers by more than £5m, not counting the Government’s spending on Remain propaganda.

From: Canon Michael Storey, healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

YOUR Editorial stated that “the future path of Brexit seems anything but clear” (The Yorkshire Post, December 17).

This is bound to be the case with the country being split more or less 50/50. Where it all went wrong was in the choice which the Cameron government had provided.

The referendum should have been worded to indicate that more than 50 per cent of the people eligible to vote (not just actually voting) had to vote for “change” for a change to be considered. Instead we had a choice of two options – “stay” or “leave”, both lacking in any sort of detail. Result – a “win” to leave, provided by a minority of the eligible voters. What a foolish referendum!