YP Letters: Child refugee situation not analogous to 1930s

From: John Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

Where does responsibilty rest for today's child migrants?
Where does responsibilty rest for today's child migrants?

GEORGE Robson (The Yorkshire Post, October 26) urges us to welcome 10,000 child refugees over the next 10 years in emulation of the Kindertransport of the 1930s.

He speaks of the conditions and dangers faced by displaced children in Europe and elsewhere.

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He and the Our Turn campaign invite us to equate this background level of risk with the near certain fate which awaited those Jewish children who missed the Kindertransport.

Unlike the extreme and urgent need met then, the plight of these modern day unaccompanied children is not markedly worse than that of vast numbers of their contemporaries around the world. The scale of this is such that only the most woolly-minded or those with ulterior motives would consider addressing it through population movement.

To attempt this is only to encourage the deliberate separation of more children from their parents.

The resources available to integrate a lone child into an alien British town would more than likely prove inadequate.

They would be far better applied to orphanage facilities in the country of origin, and indeed in ensuring that women there have access to contraception.