YP Letters: Compromise is not a dirty word when our future is at stake over Brexit

From: Mr RGN Webb, The Grove, Hipperholme.

How would Winston Churchill have handled Brexit|?

A COMPROMISE is a circumstance in which none of the conflicting interests is satisfied. As the Prime Minister’s ‘deal’ has pleased very few people, I must conclude that it represents a very good compromise.

It is about time that politicians realised that Brexit is not a debating issue, but it actually affects the future of the country.

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Sectional interests should be discarded – the DUP should remember that Northern Ireland has less than two million people and that a majority voted to remain.

Labour should remember when they backed Winston Churchill during the Second World War in the national interest. Statesmanship!

From: Nick Yates, Laverock Lane, Brighouse.

WINSTON Churchill led us through our darkest hour; there are not many of us left who remember the wartime spirit. For six years our people worked and fought together to secure freedom for future generations.

We in Britain have been given the chance to regain independence and self-determination for our country.

After two years of non-negotiation from the EU, this opportunity must not be wasted; let us be pragmatic, let us join together and support a “no deal” and then they will have no choice but to co-operate.

Democracy is delicate and precious and it should not only be our aim, but our duty to protect it.

From: Mr A Collier, Gordon Road, Bridlington.

WHAT an unenviable task the PM has had in leaving the EU. Obviously Theresa May has had to accept a deal put forward by the EU, but should she have done so? We are leaving the EU, not them leaving us.

Had she still been alive and been doing the negotiating, Margaret Thatcher could have said: “These are our terms (not proposals) for leaving. If you don’t like them, tough.”

So come on Mrs May, dig your heels in. As regards the Irish border issue, leave it as it is. It has brought peace and stablility for a number of years. Why change a winning format?

From: Dr David Hill, CEO, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

WE shall never come out of the EU unless we do one of two things; Northern Ireland stops being part of the UK or we leave the EU with no deal. For there is no solution to the physical border question.