YP Letters: Concentrate efforts on addressing UK's many problems

From: Doug Downes, Ban Road South, Beckingham, Notts.

MP Barry Sheerman wants to reduce road deaths around the world.

SOME thoughts on the article by MP Barry Sheerman (The Yorkshire Post, May 3) regarding road deaths around the world.

We already have a massive decrease in road deaths in the UK (as with fire and industrial deaths) considering the huge growth in traffic – from 6,000 deaths per year up until 20 or 30 years ago. These figures have been reached through legislation, cameras, campaigns, safer vehicles, driver education, etc.

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Could you realistically see that in countries like India, Somalia, Africa as a whole? He is telling us facts we already know and it is a sad statistic, I agree.

But do he and the Labour Party intend to try and stop wars, atrocities, plagues, famines that curse this world? I really wonder what power he seems to believe he has.

He should instead put some effort into combating the UK’s obesity, crime, poverty and litter problems.

Does he really believe that you can influence the likes of the poorer parts of the world – most will probably not have heard of the UK – or the Labour party!

Mr Sheerman has a chance to influence change here in the UK – help your own!

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

CONCERNS by some at Westminster over the targeting of only road vehicles – cars, vans, buses and HGVs – as the main cause of air pollution are well founded.

The reality is that many more devices not subject to any statutory controls or testing are creating emissions.

These include railway locomotives, static and mobile construction machinery, heating and cooking appliances, diesel generators supplying the National Grid at peak demand, plus of course jet aircraft, the most polluting of all.

The real reason for declining air quality is excessive human activity. This is contributed to by over-population.

Central Leeds, not many years ago, was mainly retail and offices on limited opening hours – not open on Sunday or bank holidays as today, and unlike now, few actually lived there.

Pubs shut at 10pm with only a few other leisure venues such as cinemas or theatres – unlike today with 24/7 mayhem and thousands of private hire or taxi journeys. Tourism is now also identified as a major cause of pollution, with low cost air travel a major factor.

Sadly motor vehicles are the only group subject to regulation or taxes, thus making them an easy target for politicians.