YP Letters: Corbyn shows why he's not fit for office

From: Mike Smethurst, Rotherham.

Jeremy Corbyn's speech on security, in the wake of the Manchester terror anger, has prompted widespread anger.

FOLLOWING Jeremy Corbyn’s latest comments regarding terrorism, nobody can be left in any doubt what the Labour Party’s policy would be towards the defence of this country (The Yorkshire Post, May 27).

His comments are no different from suggesting that if the school bully hits you, then you should not hit him back lest he hits you harder. Far better to go and hide and perhaps he will leave you alone – even if he does continue to beat up everybody else.

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Corbyn has already insisted he would never use Trident, so why spend billions on its replacement? Is it at the insistence of trade union leaders, who would really be in charge, demanding job security for their members? A nuclear deterrent is just that – a deterrent to those who might wish to attack our country. How can it be that if they know it will never be used?

Under Corbyn, with his pacifist policies, Britain would be a sitting duck for any foreign power which chose to threaten us. For that reason, this man must never be trusted with the security of this country and can never be elected.

From: John Dawson, Gainsborough Court, Skipton.

JEREMY Corbyn makes the absurd claim that the Islamist terrorist threat results from our foreign policy. How come then that 9/11 happened before any US/UK intervention in the Middle East? Such a claim only provides an excuse for the terrorists.

My mother used to say you could judge someone by the company they keep. Corbyn is an IRA sympathiser, still not able to condemn them even now. He is a friend of Middle Eastern terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Such company proves, as even most Labour MPs have agreed, that Corbyn is a man unfit to hold any public office, never mind the premiership.

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton.

IN view of the terrible bombing at Manchester, it is time to take drastic action against these vile miscreants. Any person who has left this country to fight for IS should have their British passport shredded and be deported (Bill Carmichael, The Yorkshire Post, May 26).

They should never ever have been allowed back into this country. If they have been born in England then they should be imprisoned. Obviously they have terrorist sympathies, they are terrorists themselves and need to be treated accordingly. They are traitors to our country and do not deserve any human rights.

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

CAN any of your readers imagine Jeremy Corbyn telling Donald Trump he was furious about US intelligence leaks (The Yorkshire Post, May 26)? He just doesn’t have the stature of a PM-in-waiting.

From: Laurence J Sowden, Kettlewell.

DURING the one minute’s silence before the cricket ODI at Headingley on Wednesday, I reflected that I have a six-year-old granddaughter who, in a couple of years time, might be attending a pop concert and become the target of some crazed fanatic. The thought that anyone would want to destroy her precious life abhors me.

It is, frankly, time the Government declared a state of emergency. Rather than try to keep these potential terrorists under observation, they should round them up and place them in detention. These people have no respect for our laws or democracy and need to be treated with the same disdain as that they treat us. Surely the greater need of society comes before their human rights?

From: Robert Craig, Priory Road, Weston super Mare.

WITH armed troops on Britain’s streets, I don’t see how the Tories can argue that their ideologically-driven programme of austerity cuts to public services, including the police, is a good thing. It seems to me that MI5 and MI6 listening into our phone calls and monitoring what we do online is no substitute for bobbies who know their local communities.

Manifesto for fracking

From: Chris Broome, Hackthorn Road, Sheffield.

ONE part of the Conservative manifesto that has so far received little attention is the section on shale gas. It announces the intention to make any exploratory drilling operations that do not involve fracking “permitted developments”. This means that, unlike many home extensions, drilling for gas will no longer even need planning permission.

It is obvious that the Government had been frustrated by the slow progress of planning applications to date – but taking away the need for them altogether is hardly going to allay any public concerns.

And whatever happened to the commitment to localism?

The most prominent reason given to justify such favourable treatment of the industry does not inspire much confidence either. It says that in the US, shale gas has set off a revolution, pushing down prices. Yet virtually none of the experts who advised the Government believe that we can come close to replicating that situation here. Meanwhile a whole host of environmental impacts are inevitable, whether or not the regulatory system works as well we are assured it will.

From: Gerald Hodgson, Spennithorne, Leyburn.

REPORTS on fracking prompt me to draw the attention of your readers to page 23 of the Conservative Party manifesto which states: “We will therefore develop the shale industry in Britain.”

The manifesto commitment continues: “We will legislate to change planning law for shale applications. Non-fracking drilling will be treated as permitted development.”

In other words, if local planning authorities resist fracking applications, the decision will be taken out of their hands.