YP Letters: Crime chiefs of questionable benefit and cost

From: Mrs W Abbott, Boulsworth Avenue, Hull.

North Yorkshire crime commissioner Julia Mulligan has come under fire for proposing to appoint a deputy.

THE Police Federation’s criticism of North Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan’s intention to appoint a deputy (The Yorkshire Post, August 17) is understandable when the force is under considerable pressure to rein in its expenses.

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The Government was severely criticised for introducing this post in the first place. I also wonder how much longer the Government is prepared to go on funding the role of the PCC. Add to this the cost of a deputy, and the salaries of the ancillary staff who run the office, and you are left with a situation where you are increasing the police budget, not reducing it.

Here In Hull, our police and crime commissioner Keith Hunter does not have a deputy, and has no plans to employ one. However, his predecessor Matthew Grove directly appointed a colleague and the post was never advertised. As a result, there was a public furore.

However, despite numerous complaints, the appointment went ahead. Since the inception of the PPC in our area, we see and hear less from our Chief Constable, and many people are unhappy about that.