YP Letters: Cyclists' behaviour ruining joys of countryside

From: J & G Fox, Pickering.

Are events like the Tour de France to blame for irresponsible cyclists on the region's roads?

WE are in full agreement with Julian Sturdy MP (The Yorkshire Post, July 14) and Councillor Caroline Patmore on the behaviour of cyclists. In our area in Pickering, we spoke to group of cyclists in the dusk with no lights and all dressed in black Lycra.

They were just about invisible on the main road through the town. A danger to us motorists and to themselves. We received abuse when we pointed out the danger they were putting themselves through.

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Also, in the Dales, an area we visit regularly, the behaviour of these people in pelotons and two or three abreast across the narrow stone walled roads 
makes driving a chore, especially at the weekends when they emerge.

These areas of the Tour de Yorkshire and Tour de France, which they are following, are not a pleasure to drive if you are planning on going from A to B to walk this beautiful area which I may add is not the aim of these people who only race and see 
the rear end of the person in front.

A road tax must be introduced to curb the behaviour of these people. Sir Gary Verity has a lot to answer for after bringing the Tour De France to the UK, and at the expense of ruining the pleasure of visiting our National Parks.