YP Letters: Donald Trump's insensitivity comes from spite

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Bill Carmichael disingenuously ascribes Donald Trump’s electoral success to “putting 
food on the table and keeping families safe while his 
opponents obsess over 
gender neutral bathrooms and which personal pronoun to 
use” (The Yorkshire Post, November 9).

This is an insult to the many centre-left voters who do not wish to be part of a country whose attitudes reflect the character of such a callous individual.

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We have come to expect regular manifestations of the US President’s insensitivity, the latest being his blaming local forest mismanagement for the Californian wildfires.

What are your views on Donald Trump?

Only as an afterthought did he mention the dreadful loss of life and homelessness.

His apparent insouciance comes from spite over Republican failure in California and the knowledge that he has little to lose.

From: Darren Joseph, Rotherham.

Donald Trump’s excuse for not attending a ceremony at a US war cemetery in France because of wet weather speaks volumes about his character and hypocrisy. I can well imagine his reaction if President Obama had ever done the same thing.