YP Letters: Don't devalue the true meaning of heroism

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

Should Paralympians like Hannah Cockroft be described as heroes?

WHEN are the people of the UK going to stop misusing the English language? Last week, in the papers and on TV, it was reported that there had been a parade in Manchester to welcome home the “heroes” from the Paralympics.

Well I’m very sorry but this reference is totally wrong, the Paralympians did fantastic and deserve great admiration and I stand with the rest of the population in congratulating and praising them, but the word ‘hero’ should only be used for people who put their own life on the line in the protection of others. This is usually applied to members of our Armed Forces in conflicts but can also apply to members of the public who put themselves in the way of danger to save others, so please stop devaluing the meaning of heroes.

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The same applies to the honours system. Knighthoods should never be given to to people for making themselves rich, or musicians or sportsmen.

Knighthoods were originally for courage, loyalty, honour and chivalry.

Knighthoods should not be given out willy-nilly. The way they are giving them out these days, it seems there are more people with knighthoods than Blue Peter badges – and many of those with badges seem to be more qualified than the former.