YP Letters: Elderly have already paid for their social care

From: Jenny Dent, Harrogate.

How should social care be funded in the future?

REGARDING the continuing debate about social care funding and ideas to improve funding.

Forgive me for being obtuse but the straight answer is taxation and National Insurance. We have paid it all our working lives so why do we have to pay again? We are taxed to the hilt as it is. Oh I forgot, apart from those who get tax breaks – supermarkets, big businesses and such like.

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I am not elderly but I do have home care and one gets an annual financial review. Once we get to keep what we are allowed to live on, social services take the rest. It’s a fallacy that sick/old/disabled people get care for free.

Nor are we getting pots of money and living off the fat of the land.

The care providers work hard on a tight budget and are obliged to provide endless training on a three-year cycle.

The answer to the original question of new ideas to fund social care are to stop the Government from cutting council budgets to the bone 
and give us back the taxes we 

Also stop wasting money on projects that usually fail and become a white elephant like high-speed trains.