YP Letters: EU to blame for decline of our manufacturing

From: Coun Tony Galbraith (Con), Elloughton, Brough.

Can Theresa May deliver a clean Brexit?

I AM grateful to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP.

She has enabled me to answer a question which has been perplexing me for some time – why does a country as great as ours make a balance of trade loss in our dealings with the EU of almost £100bn per annum?

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Dr Wollaston has twice said in Parliament that if the UK left the EU without a good deal, we could have difficulties in obtaining radioactive isotopes for medical use.

Why do we have to rely on the EU for these supplies?

The UK was always at the cutting edge of scientific and technological development before joining the EU.

The answer can only be that Eurocrats and/or chief executives of multi-national corporations have decreed that there will be only a few centres of production of these materials in the EU, and there would not be one in the UK.

More millions therefore go on our balance of trade deficit. I’m sure readers will know of other like cases.

What is to be done about this erosion of our manufacturing base caused by our membership of the EU?

I suggest a clean break from the EU so that we can direct policies to restoring the situation.