YP Letters: Failure of justice at every level as violence grows

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Should there be more police patrols?

I BEGIN to wonder whether we shall ever get a police service that will be efficient and fair to all the populace.

In some areas, murder has become commonplace and crime actually does pay for two very good reasons.

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First of all, the police have been cut so far that they no longer bother to even try to detect some crimes and, in some cases, do not even record some minor crimes.

Secondly, justice has become so limited that courts are obliged to dole out suspended sentences or community orders.

Should an offender be sent to prison, it will be served in a cushy jail or one where the inmates rule.

Meanwhile I believe that much of the violence in under 10s is caused by the continuous programmes and games in which violence is the core (The Yorkshire Post, October 6).

Young children have difficulty in discerning true actions from fictional characters they see on TV fight and use weapons 
to injure others – children 
being children will always attempt to copy what they see to be exciting.

In my youth, it was Cowboys and Indians which we played at but all the fighting was mimed as we well knew that if we hurt someone, then we ourselves would be punished.