YP Letters: Fears over energy park won't be offset by jobs

From: Katy Miller, Lambert Park Road, Hedon, Hull.

Is Hull encroaching too much into nearby villages and towns like Hedon?

I WRITE in response to your recent coverage of the proposed Yorkshire Energy Park.

The people of Hedon are strongly against this development for valid reasons which cannot be erased by the prospect of jobs.

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The loss of green land is a threat not only to the lifestyle of the people of Hedon, but to the town itself.

The more people cover fields and gardens with concrete, the less ground there is for flood water to soak into.

Adding a mass of other buildings, no matter how well planned, will increase the risk of flooding in the area.

Another concern is the danger to local wildlife. Many insects, birds and animals rely on the grassland for a food source and protection, much of which will be destroyed by the proposed Energy Park.

Local residents also worry about the congestion caused by the intended Energy Park, and the consequences involved. More traffic will create noise in a relatively quiet town and increase pollution in the area.

Many of the people of Hedon and Preston are also concerned that filling in the gap between Hedon Road and the town itself will facilitate the merging of Hull with the surrounding villages.