YP Letters: Figures can't be argued with over validity of Brexit vote

From: David Collins, Scissett.

Can the Brexit referendum vote be reversed?

BREXIT: 52 per cent vote to leave. Turnout 72 per cent – Oh dear a majority want to leave, well that can’t be right, must vote again.

General election: Tories get 37 per cent. Turnout 66 per cent – Now that is democracy in action.

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Elected Mayor referendum: Nine out of 10 cities rejected. Turnout 29 per cent – Well we (the-powers-that-be) don’t care what you say, if you want regional power you must have an elected Mayor so there.

Police Commissioners – We (the-powers-that-be) learnt from the Mayor election. This time you don’t get a chance to reject the idea you will vote for one or other candidates. People we don’t know doing a pointless job. Turnout 15 per cent

House of Lords make noises about rerunning Brexit. Electoral votes 0 per cent. Turnout 0 per cent.

So overall the highest percentage vote from the largest turnout is judged to be unrepresentative. What does that say about the rest?

We will need a very strong Leader of the House to ensure that MPs don’t just try to sabotage the will of people instead of voting on the content of the deal.

For anyone who is interested, I voted to stay. So I hardly have an axe to grind apart from a belief that our electoral system is morally bankrupt.

From: Kamran Hussain, Chair of Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats Policy & Brexit Spokesperson.

WE welcome the judgement at the Supreme Court, which ruled that Parliament must be given a vote on triggering Article 50.

The ruling comes amid warnings that a hard Brexit could cost the UK economy between £100bn and £200bn by 2030, with a hit to GDP of between five to 10 per cent (The Yorkshire Post, January 26).

The judgement will ensure that Theresa May’s plans to push through a hard Brexit will receive proper scrutiny. But it is crucial that people, as well as politicians, are given a say on the final Brexit deal the Government negotiates.

Almost half of manufacturing exports in Yorkshire and The Humber go to the Single Market, worth around £8bn a year.

Our key industries would suffer if barriers were put up to trade with Europe.

That’s why people here in Yorkshire and the Humber should be given a choice over what happens next.

The Liberal Democrats 
are clear: we demand a vote 
of the people on the final 
Brexit deal and without that we will not support triggering Article 50.