YP Letters: Fluoridation is old hat... cleaning teeth is better

From: A Wills, Dulverton Road, Ruislip, Middlesex.

Should fluoride be added to water to cut tooth decay?

THANK you for your article on fluoridation (The Yorkshire Post, July 31).

I think that Hull City Council’s Cabinet member Phil Webster is very wise to point out that adding the chemical fluoride to tap water supplies is “too expensive, undemocratic and unproven and is forced medication by the State”.

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The biggest fall in tooth decay is in non-fluoridated Scandinavia! Medication should be prescribed individually according to a person’s weight and general health – not given to whole communities with no control over dosage received. The chemical used in water fluoridation is fluorosilicic acid – toxic waste from the chimney scrubbers of phosphate fertiliser factories.

Too much fluoride can cause permanent staining of teeth – called dental fluorosis.

Scotland has greatly reduced tooth decay with its “ChildSmile” scheme where young children clean their teeth properly every day in school. Simple, safe and cheap. Fluoridation is old technology, as only about one per cent of tap water is drunk by children.

Most of the water supply is used by industry and for washing and toilet flushing – so most of the added fluoride is public money down the drain!