YP Letters: Get tough on dog foulers as well as fly-tippers

From: Allan Ramsay, Radcliffe Moor Road, Radcliffe.

Flytipping in south Leeds, but can - and should - more be done to catch the miscreants?

IF we are to see DNA being used to identify fly-tippers, it should also be used to identify irresponsible dog owners.

There’s a road and a cycle trail near my home, and I trust most other towns in the UK, that amount to dogs’ toilets.

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Despite ‘doggy-do’ bins being provided, some owners drop their ‘packages’ in the street, even in people’s hedgerows.

There are also walks along local canals/around reservoirs where it’s a common sight, with ‘poo-bags’ hanging from branches and fences.

With disabled and elderly people having to clean-up outside their gate once a week, it should attract a minimum (not maximum) fine of £1,000 – and this should increase year on year like the cost of living.

If bleach is used, flags become discoloured. Even kids’ football pitches attract dog mess.

When crimes are committed, aren’t any tools used confiscated? Why not confiscate the vehicles of fly-tippers? There should also be points given to drivers where fag-ends etc are throw out the window – evidence can be caught on dash-cams and head-cams.

Dog owners who drive their dogs into the countryside and leave a deposit (bagged or otherwise) should also attract points.