YP Letters: Give police resources they need to do their job

From: Judith Rogerson, Harrogate.

Do police receive sufficient support from the Government?

I COME from a family of police officers so throughout my life have seen first hand how hard they work, and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe.

Their work isn’t just about cutting crime – the police who step in first when there is a crisis.

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I also know how much police officers are struggling to properly do their jobs without the support and funding that they need.

Earlier this year leaked Home Office documents acknowledged that Government cuts have ‘likely contributed’ to a rise in serious violent crime.

And statistics published this month show Harrogate has experienced the largest rise in burglaries across North Yorkshire.

The police need much better support from the Government if they are to be able to properly investigate and prevent these crimes.

It has also been reported that Home Secretary wants councils to be able to increase the council tax policing precept from £12 to £24 a year.

This level of additional funding is, frankly, an insult on a par with the increases to education funding which the Chancellor said would pay for the ‘little extras’.

The Government’s cuts have gone far too deep and urgently need to be reversed.