YP Letters: Government plans will fail to protect nature

From: Liz Ballard, Chief Executive, Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

Does the Environment Bill go far enough?
Does the Environment Bill go far enough?

IT is very disappointing to see the proposals in the Government’s draft Environment Bill have been significantly weakened.

Our local wildlife and special places for nature in Sheffield and Rotherham require much more robust protection. The Government’s proposals fall well short of delivering the vital improvements our already 
fragile natural world so urgently needs.

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We are calling on Ministers and MPs to rise to this once-in-a-lifetime challenge and show much greater ambition.

I am greatly concerned that unless they do, we will continue to see our wildlife and habitats decline for many years to 

We need a Bill that enshrines a tough green watchdog with the authority to take action against the Government if it breaks the rules, and which requires local authorities to map out where wildlife needs protection and habitats need improvement – a Nature Recovery Network.

We are asking people in Sheffield and Rotherham to contact their MP and tell them how important this Bill is and ask them to call for these major improvements we are asking for – a powerful green watchdog, targets and a Nature Recovery Network enshrined in law.