YP Letters: High Street is paying price for loss of good service

From: John Wardle, Harrogate.

I READ with interest the views of Chris Ramus about your Love Your High Street campaign (The Yorkshire Post, October 16). I do not have the retail business experience that Mr Ramus has so my views derive from my observations as a consumer.

Speaking personally, I feel that receiving a consistently good and personal service is now so unusual in the high street that it is no longer expected by the shopping public.

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How can town centres like Harrogate survive and thrive?

Good service is fundamental and its absence has a real influence on making shoppers attracted by the product range, convenience and price competitiveness that many internet retailers provide.

I do believe, however, that opportunity exists for forward-thinking retailers who marry the fundamentals of providing an enjoyable shopping experience with competitive pricing.

It would be too simplistic to say that improving customer service experience alone would solve the high street’s problems. Clearly there are a broad range of others, but failure in the high street is a real problem for communities.

If, indeed, there is any real desire to reverse trends, it is time for determined and co-ordinated efforts by retail businesses and local and national politicians to seriously address the issue.